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JSС "Joint stock financial corporation "Sistema"

Russian Federation

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"Joint stock financial corporation "Sistema" JSС, established in 1993, is a large investment company and the largest taxpayer to the Russian budget, investing in the economy of the Russian Federation and other states, in such industries as retail trade, logging, pharmaceutical production, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, banking and many other types of manufacturing and business. With the participation of AFK "Sistema", a telecommunications network has been created in the Russian Federation, it invests in the development of space and satellite technologies, and also contributes to government projects in medicine. The company is included in the list of backbone in our country, it effectively uses its own and attracted capital to increase its own assets. It employs about 150 thousand people, the main office of AFK "Sistema" is located in Moscow. Besides the fact that AFK "Sistema" is the largest investor, it is also a serious philanthropist, supporting the spheres of culture, education, art, as well as medicine. The company has allocated about 1 billion rubles for coronavirus research. The authorized capital of AFK "Sistema" is 868.5 million rubles, and the annual proceeds are about 800 billion rubles.
Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov - 59.2% Other - 35.62% Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov - 5.18%

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