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PJSC Abrau-Durso

Russian Federation

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PJSC Abrau-Dyurso is a Russian company for the production of champagne and sparkling wines. The company is located in the Krasnodar Territory in the village of Abrau-Dyurso. The Abrau-Dyurso plant was founded in 1870 by the decree of Emperor Alexander II, when the Abrau-Dyurso estate, which belonged to the royal family, was created. The company produces champagne in two ways: the classic champagne method and the Sharma method. In addition, the company is actively developing wine tourism. Winery "Abrau-Durso" - one of the most visited in Europe, receives more than 200 thousand guests a year.
Asset Capital LLC - 60.34% Pavel Borisovich Titov - 34.46% Other - 5.2%

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